2020-2021 Hybrid Learning

This excerpt is taken from the Natick Reopening Guide August 2020. For more information, visit the NPS Learning Resources for Families

Hybrid Models

In this model students will alternate between in-person and remote learning. Each school will isolate two distinct cohorts of students who attend school on different days. The district is currently developing hybrid models that take into consideration the developmental needs of students, similar schedules for all children in a family, and hybrid models throughout the region. Students with significant needs will be prioritized.  

For Hybrid/Alternating cohort creation  A/B sections in hybrid models will be dictated by team cohort created in spring of 2020, service needs for specialized populations will be prioritized and then family last names will be used so that families can be on the same schooling schedule.  Families with differing last names will be grouped together on the same day.  

 Hybrid Learning, 50% attend for Alternating Weeks

This option requires dividing classes into two groups, A group and B group. When one group is in live session for a week total the other group would be at home learning remotely. This allows for time to pass for cohort attendance should we see infection trends rise (9 days absence from school including weekends).  This allows for more time for student quarantining or cohort breaks if the rate of infection is speeding up, thus minimizing lost learning time. Students with disabilities, particularly preschool-age students and those with significant and complex needs, will be prioritized for continuing to receive full time in-person instruction during this model.  Integrated preschool will continue as in live-school model. 

This model would require teachers to prepare lessons for students who are at home to work on independently from the learning in the classroom but time would be built into the teacher day in order to address check in needs while students are learning and studying remote. Those lessons would be connected to the content students learned the prior week when they were in live session and would be designed for small group and independent follow up work at home. Specials classes that cannot be taught live (PE, art, keyboarding or technology classes, band and chorus) live lessons would be taught remotely to the students on the at-home week. Built into each day would be an time/prep opportunity for teachers to create the independent learning work and confer with students who are learning at home. The day is slightly abbreviated and lunch is served at home/via grab and take home bags if desired/needed.  Draft schedules are included here:  Natick Hybrid and Remote Learning Experiences.

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