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Natick Wrestling website (winter sport, starts 11/28/22, registration opens 10/1/22)

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Middle School Learning Outside the Classroom Setting

KMS is excited to provide our students with additional opportunities to further their learning experience outside the standard classroom setting. Participating in a club or activity is a great way to meet other students and experience great topics such as Robotics, Jazz Band and Specialty Chorus.  Students are encouraged to explore many different activities from which they may find favorites they want to continue to pursue.  Please Note: the list of student activities varies from year to year.  Not all activities are available every year, and others may be added from time to time.  Listen for an announcement of activities over the intercom during homeroom each morning.  

Eligibility for special after school activities is dependent on keeping all grades at the C- level or better.  Some activities, like athletics and peer leadership, also have behavioral requirements. Team sports also have an athletic fee. Refer to Middle School Athletics